Day 6 - Christ as Intercessor

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Some time ago, I began posting on Andrew Murray's book, The Secret of Intercession (you can click the cover to learn more about the book).

The book contains 31 chapters, each chapter constituting a "day." In each day, Murray highlights a facet of intercession: what it is, why it's important, and how we are to come to it, among others. I posted on days one through five previously, and those links are below.

Today, I'm talking on Day 6, "Christ as Intercessor."

In this short chapter, Christ is called the true Intercessor as "God Himself would provide the true Intercessor, in Christ His Son, of whom it had already been said, 'He bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors'" (Isa. 53:12; Murray 25).

Murray provides other places in the bible where Jesus intercedes for man (John 17; Luke 22:32) before concluding with the most poignant prayer from Jesus to God - "Father, forgive them" (Luke 23:34) as Jesus was on the cross (Murray 26).

With Jesus "seated at God's right hand," Murray states that Jesus is still the true Intercessor and still prays without ceasing. Now, however, we are invited to do so with him. We have that power to do the work of intercession.

They [People] would learn in faith to pray in His name. He would present their petition to the Father, and through His and their united intercession, the church would be clothed with the power of the Spirit. (26)

In all of the chapters in The Secret of Intercession, Murray concludes with a question and some space for you to journal your thoughts. He concludes Day 6 with the following question: How did Jesus model the life of an intercessor while He was here on earth?

Murray says a few things about intercession in Day 1:

"But the glory of intercession is so much greater--when a man is bold and asks from God what he desires for others" (7).

"It is the power of being used by God as instruments for His great work of making men His habitation and showing forth His glory" (8).

It is when Christians cease from looking for help in external union and aim at being bound together to the throne of God by an unceasing devotion to Jesus Christ, and an unceasing continuance in supplication for the power of God's Spirit, that the church will put on her beautiful garments and put on her strength, too, and overcome the world. (9)

So, for me, in answering the above question, I reply, as Murray states, that Jesus is the true Intercessor. In his short time on earth, he was the ultimate mediator, prayer warrior for God, petitioning to God to give us mercy and lovingkindness. Even on the cross, he prayed for God to forgive man, for "they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34).

When Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego were sent to burn because they refused to worship a gold image that Nebuchadnezzar had created, the trio did not burn. The trio showed no fear in their beliefs and convictions, and their faith in God kept them from believing that God would allow them to perish. In Daniel 3:25, it reads: "Look!" he [Nebuchadnezzar] answered, "I see four men, too, walking in the middle of the fire; and they are not hurt, and the fourth is like the Son of God." Every time I read this story and read these words, I get excited, happy, and feel blessed because this story illustrates to me God's love for us through his son. Jesus is our mediator. He petitions for our forgiveness, our mercy, our grace, our favor, our blessings.

He is not one-sided in these actions; his love transcends hate. He prayers of forgiveness for the very men who killed him illustrates this.

As I look more into intercession and its importance in my life, these reflections of Jesus' works tell me that this is what us intercessors are to do, too. We are to be equal-opportunity prayer warriors, not handpicking who to pray for, but praying for all, fervently, continuously, with our full hearts.

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