Kickstarting Intercession

11:49 AM Shonell Bacon 0 Comments

When I first arrived in Lubbock, TX, I started buying several books on prayer and on spiritual warfare (that comes with its own long story). One of the books on prayer I bought was The Secret of Intercession by Andrew Murray [buy!].

It's a small book, less than 150 pages, but within it, you find 31 days of lessons that aid you in becoming the great prayer warrior you are destined to become.

Around 2003, prayer became a very integral part of my life. Not so much for the praying I did for myself but for the praying I did for others. Many times, at three or four in the morning, I would be pinched out of my sleep with the need to pray. As hard as it is sometimes for me to move with my back and knees, without effort, I would slip from the bed to the floor, hands clasped together, to pray fervently. Sometimes I wept. Sometimes I ended up pacing my home, speaking in tongues and unleashing whatever it was that weighed my chest.

But it was never for me. God would just put in my spirit, Pray. Sometimes, I would sense that it was for a man...or a woman...or a child...or a family, but often it was just that one syllable word -- pray -- and the strength found within it.

I read The Secret of Intercession back in 2009, but a few days ago, as I was looking through my boxes for a bible for one of my bros, I came across the book again, and something in my spirit said, Get it. Read it. You've learned and you'll feel new things from reading it now.

And so I am. I'm going to read it and blog on the questions each section poses. Starting tomorrow. For a while now, I've been praying for some clarity in many facets of my world, and this is a wonderful activity to get me back to being focused with my Father.

I can't wait.