Day 5 - God Seeks Intercessors

6:00 AM Shonell Bacon 0 Comments

Are you ready to be an intercessor? Are you ready to up your game as an intercessor?

In Isaiah 59:16, it is written: And he saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor.

In this chapter of The Secret of Intercession, Murray talks of God's desire to have intercessors to have those that love "the people enough or who had sufficient faith in His power to deliver, to intercede on their behalf" (21).

God is looking for those people, those who love others enough and believe in him enough to prayer for others.

It's not an easy position. It was the position of Christ before he took his place on the throne. When Christ took the throne, man was given the obligation to extend God's kingdom.

As Murray writes, "He [Jesus] ever lives to pray. Prayer is the highest exercise of His royal prerogative as Priest-King upon the throne. All that Christ was to do in heaven was to be in fellowship with His people on earth" (22).

He also states that through prayer, God rules the world and his church.

PRAYER MATTERS. SIGNIFICANTLY. "God calls for intercessors: in His grace He has made His work dependent on them. He waits for them" (22).

As asked by Murray, How is intercession an active "partnership" with Jesus, the Great High Priest, who "ever liveth to make intercession" (Heb. 7:25) for us?

My initial, simple response about two years was we take Jesus' place on earth. We Jesus took his place beside God, humans were left to spread the word, to pray for others and ourselves. When we intercede, we connect to Jesus, to God.

My response hasn't changed much in two years. Prayer is active. From the actual speaking and emoting of prayer to the movement of that prayer to Jesus and the communication that occurs during it and the blessings that fall because of the lifting of the prayers. Just as I spoke in Day 4 about intercession and our readiness to yield to God, prayers connects us to Jesus, provides a direct link to his love for us, and that love--much like prayer--is active, too. Our intercession illustrates an active communication, movement, and love between us and Jesus, and the blessings that God gives because of the activity.