Day 3 - Man's Place in God's Plan

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In Day 3 of Andrew Murray's The Secret of Intercession, Murray talks about man's place in God's plan. He starts with this passage:

The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord's; but the earth hath he given to the children of men. - Psalm 115:16

Murray goes on to talk about the perfect goodness, holiness of God's place, heaven, but also how we are to make sure His will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matt 6:10). It, like the other days of the book, are very brief, but in this day, his message is makes a powerful impact just like the first two: God has supplied us with an earth full for hidden potential and possibility and that God has instill man with the ability to uncover these hidden treasures and make the earth a better place for God's people. Intercession is one way in which we can begin to uncover these treasures. The more we conduct the "unceasing intercession of God's people" (15), the faster we will realize earth as it is in heaven.

As with all the other days, this "day chapter" ends with a question: What work has God begun and prepared for you to discover and fulfill?

These are the initial responses I had...

God has definitely given me words to use, to move. There are stories in me that need to be told, and I know they are not always meant for my good but for the good of those that might read and be sparked to write, sparked to feel, sparked to think, and sparked to move, to act. They are seeds he instilled in me, and it is my job to one, be a part of the world to see what is needed to help and to pick the best blooms from the literary plants within me to bring to the audience. Sometimes, these comes the way of mysteries. And other times, it will be Christian fiction, women's fiction, or some other genre.

God has given me a tender heart and an affinity toward women, the trials and tribulations they face and the encouragement they need to be uplifted and move into their destinies. For a long time, I have felt that God has wanted me to move into a direction in my life so that I can be an advocate for women, and I'm constantly in prayer with him to learn how I might be of service to him ... and to these women.

God has given me the role of THE FIXER in my group of friends, family, and loved ones, and I know that I often go the wrong direction with this fixer role, but I know that I can learn to be fixer that can help others and intercede on the behalf of others.

I constantly realize that I am a work-in-progress, so I'm constantly working to grow and be better in trying to discover and fulfill what God has begun in me.

What work has God begun and prepared for you to discover and fulfill?

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