God Has Given Us Authority

12:05 AM Shonell Bacon 0 Comments

Music often saves me. Even when I'm dead-center into some depression, anxiety, and fearful thoughts... even when I say that I'm mad at God or feel my faith waning, it is often music that helps to release those toxins.

When I'm in those periods stated above, I can often be heard walking around humming.

What am I humming?

Gospel music. Christian music.

When this happens, and I catch myself, I often laugh, shake my head, look up to the heavens, and say, "You surely got jokes, Father."

Because he does. Even in the middle of the crazy here on earth, there is still -- even if we don't feel it, see it, or believe it -- a still small voice within us, there is still the Father that's providing our push, giving us our strength, filling us with faith so that we can be mended, righted, and placed back on our path to move forward.

One song that I find myself humming every day (and one that I play just about every morning as I get ready for work) is Karen Clark Sheard's "Authority." It's a simple message, but the message is SO powerful. When I'm listening to it and moments after, I can feel the power surging in me. If only I could find a way to embed it into my DNA so that it never stops playing during those times of doubt.

Have a listen. Let it rejuvenate you today!